ITS-Focus on top quality bearing,strict quality control

The center has a group of professional technicians and managing staff, and quality management is strictly carried out by professional processes. Furthermore, we have established deep cooperation with HBRC (Hangzhou Bearing Test & Research Center) and ZJBTS (Zhejiang Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision) in the fields of product research and quality control. 

Our policy is that each bearing must be tested before leaving the factory. Our QC system has more than 20 experienced inspectors, possesses 200+ precise test equipment and a well-organized calibration center. We are also adopting computerized quality control that better ensures our product quality.

 a.  Typical Equipment

ITS typical equaipment

 b.  Metrology Room

ITS metrology room

 c.  Routine Inspection Projects

ITS routine inspection projects

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Das ITS-Team ist seit mehr als 20 Jahren in Produktion Lager und internationalen Handels. Wir konzentrieren uns immer auf die Top-Qualität Lager Märkte auf der ganzen Welt. Die garantierte Produktion und hoch aktives Management haben uns einen Wettbewerbsvorteil in Preis und Service.

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