ITS-Focus on top quality bearing markets all over the world

The ITS team has been engaged in manufacturing bearings and international trade for more than 20 years. We always focus on top quality bearing markets all over the world. The guaranteed production lines and highly active management have brought us competitive advantages in price and after-sales service.

Our main products are ball bearings, roller bearings, mounted units, linear bearings, stamping bearings, plastic roller bearings and automotive hub units, which are widely used in automotive aftermarket, mining & construction, agriculture, machine tool, household equipment, etc. Our bearings enjoy good reputation for their steady and reliable performance through these complicated and tough application fields.

Our Advantages

Our Customer Service team has the expertise in bearing manufacturing and is available round the clock. We promise that ITS only provides top quality products with the best price and the most professional service!

ITS core values and commitment:

       · High quality bearings with international standard

       · Professional technical support

       · Just-in-time delivery

       · Excellent after-sales service and quick response

ITS advantages

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ITS Bearings

Das ITS-Team ist seit mehr als 20 Jahren in Produktion Lager und internationalen Handels. Wir konzentrieren uns immer auf die Top-Qualität Lager Märkte auf der ganzen Welt. Die garantierte Produktion und hoch aktives Management haben uns einen Wettbewerbsvorteil in Preis und Service.

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